Cirugía - Veterinaria Pet Club Panamá


Surgery Soft tissues

  • Digestive system surgery (removal of foreign bodies, stomach dilation, mass removal, tumors).
  • Urinary tract surgery (removal of uroliths, tumors, etc.).
  • Reproductive system (C-sections, pyometra, spay, mammary tumors, ovarian or testicular, prostatic cysts, etc).
  • Thoracic Surgery: Thoracotomies, Pulmonary Lobectomies.
  • Maxillofacial reconstructive surgery as well as cutaneous plasties.
  • Surgery of the brachiocephalic dog (Palatoplasty of elongated soft palate, stenosis of the nostrils)

Ophthalmological surgery and microsurgery.

  • Plastic surgery, reconstructive eyelids
  • Cherry eye resolution
  • Flaps and corneal plasties
  • Intrascleral prosthesis
  • Cataract Surgery
  • Removal of corneal foreign bodies

Orthopedic Surgery / Traumatology:

We perform a wide range of orthopedic surgical procedures from reconstruction and fixation of fractures with the most innovative methods worldwide.

  • Osteosynthesis with nails, cerclage, external fixators.
  • Osteosynthesis with dynamic compression plates, locking plates, SOP plates. (We use both surgical steel and Titanium)
  • Corrective osteotomies
  • Cruciate Ligament Surgery: Lateral Suture and TTA (advancement of the tibial tuberosity.
  • Spine surgery, disc disease medical managment, hemilaminectomies, vental slots.